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Can a candidate for state office in a state as corrupt as Washington get elected with no money, no corrupt political connections, no yard signs and virtually no mention in the media? What if that candidate has a big mouth and is both attacking Bill Gates (along with his own union, the Reamsters...er, Teamsters) and supporting controversial Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez?

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It would take a miracle - and my campaign has already been boosted by two miracles, one of which nearly left me dead. (That's a long story I may or may not relate on this website.)

Miracle #2

The second miracle began with Richard Semler. He's the single-issue dumbass the media were mindlessly gushing over - until he suddenly dropped out of the race. No problem, the media just switched their allegiance to another union whore, Randy Dorn.

• Corporatization of Public Education
• Republicans
• Democrats
• Corrupt Unions (NEA/WEA, Teamsters, etc.)
• Children
• Democracy
• Truth
• Free Speech
More Issues

The problem is that Dorn has a little scandal hanging around his neck. The SOB tried to persuade the legislature to pass legislation that would greatly boost pensions - for just two people, Dorn and a fellow union lobbyist. (See my May 24 News Alert and the article Friends in High Places.)

Now check this out: “The lowest re-election figure for any statewide incumbent is Superintendent of Public Instruction Terry Bergeson. She is supported by just 12 percent of those polled. A whopping 67 percent are undecided.” (Gregoire Up in Elway Poll, Joel Connelly, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 4, 2008)

So what about the other 21%? Who are they supporting?

Mr. Conspiracy?

My enemies, including the Seattle Weekly, like to deride me as a wacko conspiracy theorist. Ironically, my favorite article about Seattle’s Education Mafia was published by the Seattle Weekly, and it’s overflowing with conspiracies. In fact, the article is actually a conspiracy within a conspiracy. But that’s a story I don’t have time to relate right now. Read The Olchefske files, and see if you can figure out why I think the article and the burglarly it discusses were both inside jobs.

If most were rallying behind Randy Dorn, the corporate media would probably say so. So, reading between the lines, one might speculate that many voters are trying to decide between David Blomstrom and John Blair.

Blair is a pretty good BS artist, but he’s a union whore himself. The other candidates - Donald Hansler and Enid Duncan - aren’t even on the map. (I linked to their websites, so you can easily check them out for yourself.)

Given the extraordinary corruption of our new and improved election system, anything’s possible. I could even come in dead last.

Name Calling

Critics accuse me of calling names, using obscene language and picking fights.

I consider this a compliment. If you want some liberal pussy who will get along with a corrupt status quo, then vote for a Democrat. I have a spine, thank you.

However, I should easily beat Hansler and Duncan (neither of whom deserve more than 1% of the vote), making it a contest between me and Blair, while the media keep Bergeson and Dorn in the spotlight.

But that poll I mentioned above suggests that people aren’t paying much attention to the media. In other words, this race is wide open. To the best of my knowledge, it’s also the only political race in Washington State that features a candidate who’s raising Hell, discussing many issues and boldly speaking the truth.

Miracle 21/2 - Dueling Polls

Me vs Wikipedia

Speaking of duels, Google recently launched a new project that challenges Wikipedia, and I’m using it to challenge Wikipedia’s article about Bill Gates (for whom Terry Bergeson effectively works), which might have been written by Gates himself. My article is clearly biased, but no more so than Wikipedia, and my account is more factual. Compare the Wikipedia and Google versions yourself and help me publicize my knol.

On August 4 we learned that Terry Bergeson was supported by just 12% of those polled, with a whopping 67% undecided. Just ten days later, the media revealed a new poll that might have been taken on another planet (Poll shows WA governor race too close to call, KING5.com, August 24, 2008). According to this “SurveyUSA tracking poll of 718 Washington residents,” Bergeson’s support has nearly tripled to 32%, yet Dorn - who wasn’t even mentioned in articles about the first poll - rated an astounding 43%. At the same time, the number of undecided voters plummeted from 67% to 16%. (And they still don’t tell us who the other 9% favor.)

Are you stupid enough to believe that Bergeson’s support tripled and the number of undecided voters fell by more than three quarters over a period of just ten days - during summer vacation?

One (or both) of these polls is clearly a fraud. My hunch is that the Seattle Mafia was a little shaken up by the first poll, which obviously makes Bergeson and Dorn both look bad. So they arranged for a phony poll suggesting that Bergeson and Dorn together have an insurmountable lead - so why bother voting for anyone else?

It will be really interesting to see the election results. Unfortunately, we’ll never know how citizens would have voted if it had been a fair campaign.

Miracle #3

Candidate Websites
Enid Duncan
Donald Hansler
Terry Bergeson
Randy Dorn
John Blair

We need a third miracle. It could take the form of a sudden blast of support from Hugo Chavez. But I’d prefer something even more outrageous - a blast of citizen involvement.

Union Whores

As I was writing this, I learned that Terry Bergeson was endorsed by the Washington State Labor Council. Are we going to let the corrupt unions that have sold out to Corporate America decide what’s best for OUR children? To put it another way, would you want your children adopted by Jimmy Hoffa and Terry Bergeson?

In fact, I do sense a different attitude during this campaign. Just today, I was shocked when a mailman asked me about my campaign as I walked past. He recognized me from my photo in the Voters Pamphlet. That has never happened before. Virtually no one cares about education politics, and who would ever remember my photo in the Voters Pamphlet?

Favorite Feedback

“You’re a crazy asshole, but I voted for you!

“Somebody has to do what you’re doing. Keep up the good work.” (Aug. 18, 2008)

I don’t sense the brewing revolution I long for, but the Elway poll I mentioned earlier suggests that eight years of George W. Bush (and twelve years of Terry Bergeson) may have finally pissed a few people off.

Whether or not I can get elected in a state as wacky as Washington remains to be seen. But one thing’s certain: I’ll never lose.

E pluribus unum,

David Blomstrom—Last updated August 20, 2008

P.S. Though I probably have more information and ideas online than all the other candidates combined, I still have much more to share with you. Please check back updates every now and then. And, if I make it past the primary, I’ll continue speaking out right up to the General Election and beyond.

Can’t afford to donate money to my campaign? No problem! You can join the team by simply visiting Urban Dictionary > Seattle Mafia and clicking the yellow thumbs up icon Thumbs Up, indicating you agree with my definition (the last definition listed). Doing so will help publicize the fact that there IS a Seattle Mafia. If you’re working for the Seattle Mafia and want to click the thumbs down icon Thumbs Down, that’s fine, too. Either way, you’re helping my campaign. :)
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